Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello World!

Let us tell you something.

We strongly believe that comic books, strips and graphic novels are true Art. We love it in fact! We also love instant photography, like Polaroid. That’s why we decided to mix this two great and remarkable things – the world of comic books and polaroid photography.

All in all, we always dreamed about creating this special project and now our dream comes true. We called this dream of ours “The Comic Roids Project” and we decided to post one note a week – on Sundays – until we get one hundred notes.

Every week, on our blog you will find polaroid shot (with autograph and sometimes little drawing) and short interview with people, that are very gifted and important for comic book culture. We want to show you the photos of the best illustrators, scriptwriters and publishers from all over the World.

Photos, that are catching this one ephemeral moment.

Photos, that are showing the character and style of these great people (after taking a photo, we’re telling artists, that this photo is their space and they can write or draw everything on it).

Photos, that we love (yeah, that’s corny but also very touching).



His name is Bartosz Sztybor. He's a writer and – like every writer (maybe besides writers, that are dead) – he writes. So he writes scripts for movies, tv and of course comic books. Sometimes, when he is not writing any script, he writes about comic books for few polish newspapers and magazines. He lives in Poland (yeah, you know that from the earlier sentence), prefers Pepsi than Coca-Cola and loves working. Always on diet. Always in fashion. Always mysterious (almost nobody knows how old is he).

Her name is Koka Skowronska. She’s a photographer and a designer. So she is – as you probably guessed – photographing things and designing other things. Okey, sometimes she’s photographing things, which she designed earlier. She has many ideas (about six for an hour) and power to make them come true. She lives in Poland, prefers Coca-Cola than Pepsi and loves travelling. Always thinking. Always talking. Always smiling. 


  1. I think it will be four feet, brother in law! Good luck guys and million visitors on your blog!

  2. Ajem de łan hu nołs łen jor urodziny ar!

  3. No. Not the only one, you głupku.

  4. aj dident sej ajem de only jeden.

  5. roids = steroids
    comic roids = funny steroids :/

  6. Guys (and a Girl ;), thanks for your comments!

    @Mateusz: You're such a wag!

  7. Bartolomiu, aj noł łen jo berzdej ar 2!