Sunday, August 8, 2010

#1 - Tony Sandoval

You called your blog "Los Monstruos de Tony", what means "The Monsters of Tony". But you don’t show many monsters there. So maybe you are something like Doctor Frankenstein and monsters are just your comic books?

I used to draw a lot of monsters and I think I still do, but for some reason I have not uploaded them to the blog. And the name comes from my publisher, he originaly wanted to call my sketchbook like that.

Your drawings are very expressive. So I wonder, that when you are creating a comic book, you care more about writing the story or conveying emotions?

I think both. But all the time, the story comes a bit late in my stuff.

In general, what is your first step in making comic books? First you see the picture, which inspires you? Or maybe some words, whole story?

Usually it’s an image. Then I imagine the past and the future of it and that’s how my story comes.

I see similarities between your comic books and movies by Guillermo del Toro. You are both mixing realism with fantasy and you are from Mexico. Combining realism with fantasy is characteristic of Mexican culture?

Well, I don´t really know, but maybe, why not? There must be something in our culture or maybe we just have the same influences.

Cinema has movement and music has sound. And what – for you – distinguish and make comic books a different medium?

It’s a powerfull media, who has image and words.

Many critics say, that everything in art had already been said and done. If that’s true, what are the new solutions and horizons for comic books?

Yes, maybe it is or can be true. So the new solution is just an idea, how to tell those stories.

Instant photography, like Polaroid, captures the evanescent moment. And what is evanescent for you?

Life itself.

If you could take only one picture, what would you photograph?

Hm... it’s hard to tell. Maybe a childhood landscape?

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