Sunday, October 31, 2010

#13 - Mawil

You are dividing your works between autobiographical stories and comic books about funny rabbit Supa-Hasi. There are two Mawils inside you or is that just an effect of your actual feelings? 

No, there is just one Mawil. The autobio-books represent the past adventures of my real life and the bunny is me in fictional situations. I would act like him, if I would be in his situations. I need him from time to time, because it’s boring just to write about the own poor life.

Your comic books are very light. Even when you are writing about sad or dramatic things, you are doing it in very delicate and light way. Why you don’t show tragic events, brutality or dark atmosphere in your comic books?

Because my life is so nice and cute. Of course, sometimes I like to put some drama in my comics, but not too much, so it don’t gets to much Hollywood.

Music is a frequent theme of your comic books, few short stories and one long story (“Die Band”). You wanted to be a musician in the past, but besides that, why is music so important for you?

Because music is the only mind-effecting stuff (besides alcohol), I allow myself to take.

It’s amazing, that you use only few simple lines to show multitude of emotions on your character’s faces. But do you have that skill from day one or at the beginning of your drawing career, your style was more realistic and less fluid?

Yes, it was more “cool” or realistic or graffitty-style later, but I'm so lazy and economic and my favorites and idols changed within time to the more simple but clear styles.

Cinema has movement and music has sound. And what – for you – distinguish and make comic books a different medium?

Eh... I don’t know. Cinema and music are more exciting. The distinguish of comics – for me – is just that I'm quite good in doing it, in opposite to music and cinema.

Many critics say, that everything in art had already been said and done. If that’s true, what are the new solutions and horizons for comic books?

I agree with the critics, but it is still fun to invent stuff by yourself again.

Instant photography, like Polaroid, captures the evanescent moment. And what is evanescent for you?

I don’t know if you can catch moments with recordings, drawings or photos. At least you will miss the feelings. They change so fast. So you have to construct a story of more than one picture and hope that you can generate a smimilar emotion for the reader with this.

If you could take only one picture, what would you photograph?

My girlfriend. As possible naked.

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